Exercise ! At least An Hour Every Day !


Exercise helps everyone at anyone who's at the age that carries lots of energy.
v Did you know that when you exercise, that it can improve your appearance & also it can delay aging process?
v   When you exercise your body uses all the energy to have to move, so by eating healthy you can gain more energy.
v Exercise is also the key to weight control because it burns calories.
v Exercise can help you with many problems, but the thing is that you need to exercise, not over exercise.
v Exercise- Activity required physical effort, to improve health & fitness.
v Over Exercise- Over doing the amount of exercise than you can physically handle. 
Over Exercising is not healthy for the human body, so that's why when you exercise for 60 minutes every day.

get out & play an hour a day!!
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 More Facts

Examples of good exercise: Bike riding, sports, & etc. this will help you keep a steady body rate.Take a look at our exercise pyramid Above:
In the pyramid above that you can open to view,try to tell were you're at. are you either at the top or on the bottom?
~ did you  know that exercise can make you be less stress about things?
exercise calms your body,making your body become less stress & focus.
                    Why Exercise?
well again it can improve weight loss,lower obesity level,improve health,increase energy, & others. Just look at out motto:

"Get out & play an hour a day!"

 :) Do you do these exercises below?: